Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stolen from Pinterest

That I haven't thought of this before! 

I was so tired of having to grab my make-up tools out of a toiletry bag.
Until I saw someone posting a photo on Pinterest of make-up being storaged in an office accessories set! 

It's an easy way to organise your make-up, everything remains clean and no more waisting time searching for stuff in a dark, small bag. 

Since I'm a big fan of organizing it's the ideal item for me :)! 
It's divided into small compartments.
I arranged it like this (per compartiment):

  • lip gloss and lip balm
  • regular mascara and top coat mascara
  • big brushes
  • eye pencils, thin brushes and eye liners
  • small brushes
  • a palet of eye shadow and eyelash curler
  • eye pencil sharpener and tweezers

The size of the office accessories set depends on how much tools you want to cram in it. This one is perfect of all the stuff I need daily and I bought it at Action for just a few euros. Everything that didn't fit in (like blushers and big color palettes) are in the box beside. 

Love love love Pinterest

xoxo, A. 

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