Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MAKE UP HOW TO: bigger eyes
With the following simple tricks you can make it seem like your eyes are bigger. This will not only make you look younger but also fresh and it gives you a bright look. 
Oh, and without plastic surgery ofcourse ;) !

Here's how it goes:
  • Use eyeliner in a peachy color and apply it to the inside of your eyelid, on the waterline.
  • Brush your eyebrows upwards, which causes the eyes to be pulled up so there is more space above your eyelid. 
  • You can also emphasize the inner sides of your eyes by using a light eyeshadow. It creates an open mind, but note that it remains subtle.
  • Draw a flared black line on the upper eyelids to extend to the eye.
  • Finishing touch: lots of mascara and eyelash curler. 
Well there you go, Bambi!

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